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    I quit smoking 7 yrs ago for my the shop i work at they can smoke anywhere they want.6 yrs ago they stopped the people on going into the office with cigs.made the office a smoke free the people in the office come out on the floor where im at and blow their smoke.makes me sick and it isn't fair to me neither.
    i have worked by this guy for 6 weeks now and he is a chain smoker.he lights up a cig ever 10 minutes.I have told the foreman about this and told him that it was to much for me to not the only one bothered by this smoke in our work place.Do we not have a right to not have to work in all the smoke?I have asked the boss can they not band smoking from the shop and keep it out in one room for the smokers.

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    Michigan Non-Smoking

    So, I take it that you are on the ground floor. I'm like you, where I don't care for the smoke. (I'm not a smoker.) I also understand that people who do smoke need to be able to smoke on occasion. However, I don't like it when the smoking occurs right outside of an exit/entrance to a building as I must walk through it to get indoors. You say that you are bothered by the smoke. So, you must be near an entrance, etc. While some states have no-smoking rules in public buildings, I didn't see such a ban in Michigan.

    Perhaps you can talk with the Human Resources Department at your workplace, letting them know how it affects you. If there isn't an HR Department, or if you prefer, go up the chain of command. I believe that your company will be more accommodating if they understand the effects, as opposed to just a personal opinion. For example, if you can let them know that the smoke gives you headaches or hurts your eyes (if it does), it will be easier to understand rather than just telling them that you just don't like it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator