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  • overtime question


    This post seemed an appropriate place to inquire upon.

    I live in Kansas.

    I'm curious if an employer is justified in consistently sending home full time (40hrs/wk) employees early, whose hours are set in writing and signed by both the employee and employer, only to save in paying overtime because the employees were asked to work overtime earlier that same week.

    Is there no labor law which prevents this kind of shrewd business ethic.

    I doubt it, but thought I'd ask anyway.

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    Yes, it's very shrewd and it's also very good financial business sense. The employer does not have to allow you to work more than 40 hours so you can get overtime pay.

    Unless the "in writing" you have guarantees overtime hours AND rises to the level of an enforceable contract, the employer is perfectly within his legal rights to not allow you to work overtime hours.

    Only an attorney in your state who has read the document(s) in its(their) entirety could tell your for sure, but I wouldn't be terribly optimistic. Most such documents are merely statements of the working conditions involved in the particular job.
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