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do I have to take unpaid breaks? Iowa

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  • do I have to take unpaid breaks? Iowa

    I am pretty sure I read here that Iowa does not require employers to provide a break, paid or unpaid, for meals. My question is can they MAKE me take an unpaid break?

    I work more than an hour from home and taking 30 minutes for lunch isn't really a break for me, since I can't go home, or run my errands. I'm mostly interested in doing my 8 hours and getting back home to my family. Can my employer force me to be there 8.5 hours and pay me for 8? Can't I just be there for 8 and get paid for 8?

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    Originally posted by doctordiogenes View Post
    can they MAKE me take an unpaid break?
    Yes. True for all 50 states.
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      Yes, even if not required by law, your employer can require you to take an unpaid lunch break.
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        bummer, but thanks

        thanks for the quick answers! I love this site! even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear:-( but best to be informed and know not to push such an issue!


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          You can't please all of the people all of the time. Employees who are directed to take meal breaks under company policy, even though the law doesn't require it, complain. Employees who don't get meal breaks when the company doesn't provide them and the law doesn't require it, complain they should get one.

          Oh, well.
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