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holiday penance

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  • holiday penance

    I work a 4-10 hour day work week in Virginia. Holidays at my job are, by default, 8 hours long. I am required to work 2 hours over, or use 2 hours of vacation, to "make up" the holiday. If the holiday falls on a day that I am normally off work, I get paid the 8 hours. There is no option to not get paid the 2 hours on the holiday.

    This week I was planning my Thanksgiving holiday. I am scheduled to work 10 hours, Monday thru Thursday. The holidays are Thursday and Friday. To take the week off I am required to take 32 hours of vacation to round out to 40 hours plus the extra 8 hours from Friday. So, my time for this week will be, 32 hours of vacation and 16 hours of holiday.

    Do you know if Virginia labor laws address this?

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    It is not illegal as long as you are a non-exempt employee. If you are exempt, they cannot reduce your pay. However, they can force you to make up the difference from vacation pay or other accrued time off benefits. If you don't have any left, they cannot reduce your pay.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

    Forum Moderator