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  • Fair Pay

    At my company they just hired new supervisors at a higher wage then the old supervisors of 12 years. Can they do that? One of the supervisors told me that he spoke too one of his pre-paid legal services and was told that he would have to have proof before he does anything. If he can do something, if anything, on what grounds? I'm Curious.


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    Different Rate of Pay

    Employers can pay employees different rates of pay, if there are legitimate business reasons to do so. Examples of legal business reasons include job performance, responsibilities, wage rate needed to attract the desired candidate to the job, etc. Some of the reasons for differentiation that are not legal are when the employer is discriminatory (based on age, disability, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, gender or protections afforded by state and local law, such as sexual orientation) or retaliation against an employee filing a claim in protection of his/her rights, such as workers compensation.

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