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  • seasonal job Pennsylvania

    I am a college student working at a corporately owned swimming pool supply store. I had a question about scheduling. I work at this store as a summer job usually receiving around 40 hours per week. My question is that our manager does the schedule every friday for the the upcomin week starting sunday. Once he dispurses that schedule to all the employees, is he able to call people off during the week. Per say, it is rainy weather and business is slow--Can he call the third guy that was supposed to come in and tell him not come in because the the weather is bad and the there is no room in the budget to pay for him?

    Some days i would go into work for a normal shift and half way through the day, it will slow down and he will say...somebody HAS to go home because i cannot afford it in the budget. I just dont feel that it is right. I would go in on a rainy day for an hour (on a 8 hour scheduled day) and get sent home because it was dead slow. I am just trying to find out if it is legal to send people home or tell people not to come in after the schedule has been posted and distributed.

    thank you

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    Yes, the employer can send employees home if business is slow. There is no minimum reporting pay requirement in Pennsylvania. Accordingly, nonexempt (generally speaking, hourly-paid) employees are therefore entitled to pay ONLY for hours actually worked.
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