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  • Not being pay on time Florida Georgia Florida

    I am an outside salesman for an author in Texas. However, I live in Florida. I have a signed contract for pay of $600.00 per week, to be paid via bank ach transfer to my bank account the following Wednesday of the week worked. As of tomorrow is will be one week late and I will be owned a second check tomorrow. I was told today, "Well I mailed it to you on Friday." Also, he has promised to supply me with product to sale, a vonage phone and an expence credit card as well as a web site, He has not.. S0 I have been selling with an older book of his. What can I do to get paid and what leg do I stand on? Help Thank you
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    Since Florida does not have any laws regarding timing of wage payment (and since I'm not clear whether you are even an employee anyway-it sounds like you might be an independent consultant), you will have to look to the contract to determine whether there is a breach and, if there is, what type of recourse the contract provides for.
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