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On-call Services - drive time? Georgia

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  • On-call Services - drive time? Georgia

    I work for an IT company. We have no physical shop (infact, my boss lives in another state - FL (I live in GA).

    I get a call from a client, I leave my house and drive to the client. This can take up an hour of driving (includes there and back) to three hours (includes there and back).

    My employer had told me (as per my memory) to give him drive time as my hours. I've been doing so for a year or so at the least, if not longer. After he moved, the way I reported my hours changed and my drive time was much more evident. He claims it was a mistake to pay me drive time inthe past and he won't do it any longer. Is there any legal information I can point him to that shows I need to be compensated - at the least for the standard of cents per mile? Or am I SOL?


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    Looks like the FLSA is not taking a position on this particular situation. See here:

    With the lack of a clear opinion as to whether the law requires such payment, it is doubtful you would prevail with a wage and hour claim. Also, there is no law in Georgia (nor any other state except California and, I believe, Maine) that requires you be reimbursed for business expenses, including mileage, at all.

    Not a good idea to move, huh?
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