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From salaried to hourly, from 37.5 to 40-hrs/wk

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  • From salaried to hourly, from 37.5 to 40-hrs/wk

    Hi, I work in California and I have a question regarding hours and classifications. Our company reclassified those employees between middle management level but above clerical support, from salaried to hourly. A month or so later, we were informed that our normal 37.5-hr workweek will be converted to 40-hr weeks. Assuming an annual pay of $60,000 at time of hire, and at 37.5 hrs, technically the hourly rate would have been $30.77 per hr. When we were converted to 40 hrs, the hourly rate reduced to $28.85 per hr. I did not have a problem with the reclassification or the conversion to a longer work-week, but I would have thought that we should have been compensated for the additional 2.5 weeks that we are now required to work. In other words, my salary based on a 40-hr workweek, and based on the hourly rate at time of hire, should now be $64,001.60 ($30.77/hr x 40 hrs/wk x 52 wks/yr). Also, we were not advised that the hourly rate on the paycheck would be reduced, it was only discovered by those employees who carefully scrutinize their paychecks and noticed the difference. I know California is an at-will employer, but ................ ?

    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.
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    Reduction in Pay

    Your employer has the right to pay whatever it feels is appropriate for a job being performed. However, it must not make the decisions for illegal reasons, whether discrimination or as a way to get around wage and hour laws.

    Though I can't find the actual citation, I believe it may be problematic for your employer to reduce your pay in the way that you describe. My suggestion is that you call the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement ("DLSE"). They may be found at:

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Lillian Connell

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