Hello. I am looking to find if anyone can share experience or insight into a situation that is developing with my employer. My job is Deli Coordinator - head of the department - for a unionized grocery store. My position has been union for a long time, but as a new contract is being negotiated, it is proposed that my position be excluded from the Collective Bargaining Unit. The rationale is that I directly supervise, hire, evaluate job performance, etc. for employees who belong to the same union. My staff is fairly large - over 50 people. As a group, all of the Deli Coordinators (11 in all) approve of the proposal and feel it would allow us to be more effective in our roles.

Our union representative staunchly oppose the change, but our group feels they are not factually articulating their position. They are espousing uncertainty of our job security, loss of compensation and benefits. We have decided as a group to set up a meeting to discuss this upcoming potential change. The union wants to sit in, but we are not especially wanting this - at least not now.

Has anyone had experience with this transition or with handling union involvement?