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a more perfect union New Jersey

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  • a more perfect union New Jersey

    Question: What if we wanted to start a union from scratch? Say my place of employment is already unionized and affiliated with a national union but wants to form a whole new union from the ground up. How does one go about that?

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    You might contact the National Labor Relations Board regarding laws & procedures. Also, I understand the AFL-CIO & Change to Win Org. can help.

    You might check back - someone that knows more about unions than I do may have add'l. info for you.
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      a Start

      If you are already unionized, you need to begin a decertification attempt, but be very careful, there are federal laws that govern such a thing. Check with the NLRB before doing anything to ensure you are within those laws. Also check your unions by-laws, just asking the question you asked (if you are SEIU affiliated) is a breech of the SEIU by-laws.

      De-certs can take place ONLY in the window that is 60 days before the expiration of a contract, when under contract (or CBA) the union you are a part of is your union, you can not de-cert until that 60 day window. Then, in that time-frame, you need 30% signatures to call for an vote, the vote must be a majority to de-cert. From that point on, I am not real sure...Please contact the NLRB.

      (I am not a lawyer, just a union steward working within (and learning) the rules I am stuck with)