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Pennsylvania maximum work hours Pennsylvania

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  • Pennsylvania maximum work hours Pennsylvania

    Hello, are there Federal or State mandated maximum work hours in a day? Are there Federal or State mandated 'rest periods' between shifts? I have googled until my fingers bled, all I can find are references to UK and Euro insanity (maximum 48 hours per week).


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    There are no federal or Pennsylvania laws regarding maximum hours, required hours off between shifts, rest breaks or meal breaks (except meal breaks for employees under age 18).
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      There is no fed. or Pa. state law re max. work hrs. per day or required time off between shifts except for minors & certain occupations such as airline pilot or long haul trucker. Sorry.
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        Thank you

        thanks for the answers, we are thinking of twelve hour shifts and were concerned that due to the nature of the job we might be stuck working 24 hours or more...I will be sure to craft language for the CBA that protects us from such an occurrence. Thanks again,


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          12 hour shifts

          We have 12 hour shifts were I work. No one is allowed to work past 18 hours. There are some jobs dependiong on your state OSHA that require mandatory rest between shifts. One such job is electrical lineman.

          You may want to draft a fatigue policy in your agreement that outlines mandatory rest after 18 hours. Our location we have to have 12 hours off before returning. We have some workeres that travel more then 1 hour each way. For those folks, the company pays for a taxi and hotel room for them if they so desire. Also if you can not return on your schedule start time they will pay you for time missed due to mandatory rest requirement.

          No one can work more then one 18 in a row unless it is the absolute only way the shift can be handled.

          We also have mandatory rest periods for maximum number of days in a row. Our location is 10 days with a required 48 hours off. All straight time scheduled you are required to miss because of mandatory rest period the company pays you for. If some cases exceeding 10 days is required. In those case you can not exceed 18 days in which you must have 72 hours off with the same pay requirements.

          I hope this helps you out.


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            That does help. We are not a physical job though, mainly monitoring systems, so fatigue is less than it would be for line-men. (My father was a PECO linman as I grew up, I know thier fatigue level!)

            We are a four man, 24 hour, 7 day coverange situation with 1 spare right now, the possibility of one more spare for filing shifts to avoid more than 18 hours, the problem is that the rest period could sometimes be 6 hours and we were concerned that this would be illegal.

            Thanks again to eveyone for the assistance,