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  • Retail Employees Union Maryland

    Just to give a little history on myself, I am a student at WVU, graduated this year with my BAS Degree in Criminal law, and plan to attend WVU Law School in the fall.

    My idea is just that an "idea." During my high school years and time in college I was employed with(large national retail store). During my time there I met many disgruntled employees that work retail. Retail is of course very stressful. Often most people in retail are not treated as fair as they should be. I’m not a supporter of a Union assisting or in essence "bailing" out the lazy workers. I know my time at (this employer)and most if not all retail employees would agree most issues in retail stores are mismanaged and often unfair. What I am referring to is scheduling, benefits, management, and discipline issues. (this emloyer), (I am unsure of other retail employers) you can be terminated on the spot for mentioning the word "union." I feel if the employees organized a retail union the benefits would be tremendous. Issues would be difficult to organize. I feel topics such as those mentioned above should be covered under union policy. One pet peeve of mine during retail employment was employers forcing you to work past your scheduled time. I feel this is unfair UNLESS your contract states you can be forced to work, or you are an emergency services worker, or disaster management. I have a lot I could touch on this issue but just wanted to put it out there for comment.

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    Several unions in the U.S. already represent employees in the retail sector. The include the Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) the UAW and the Teamsters. Any of those unions would probably jump at the chance to organize any big retailer, as long as there was employee interest in a union.

    An employee "terminated on the spot" for mentioning the word union has the right to filean unfair labor practice charge with the NLRB for a violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Employee have protected rights to discuss union organizing as long as these discussions are not prohibiting them from getting heir work done.

    As this forum is usually used to answer a specific legal questions, you may have a better chance of getting comments by posting in the legal lounge catagory.

    Mr. Pink