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Did i hurt my chance at unemployment? NC North Carolina

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  • Did i hurt my chance at unemployment? NC North Carolina

    I'm not one who wants unemployment, but feeling like a pack mule for the workplace is something I am really hateing. But here is the story.

    My workplace has a request policy that states that you must give atless 2 weeks before the date it have off. I requested 2 months ago for going out of town to see my family for TWO day july 3rd and 4th. Well they where reminded and even asked so they could put the days down to remember. So I thought I was going to be off, well the 3rd and 4th shedlue comes up and I see i work both days. I make a note that i couldn't work these days again, my note then was replaced by a note saying that everyone had to work the 4th, and was later told i had to work the 3rd also any ways.

    So today being the 3rd, i got off at 7 AM and was shedlued to be back at 4 PM to work untill & am again, and on the 4th to work 9pm to 7am. well my work place has a policy that one must call in 6 hours before there shift if not coming in. the call was made my manager was busy so a message was left, well i check my voicemail earlier and my boss didn't get the message it seems(not 100% sure), and it wasn't until i got home i really made to chose to go see my family. I am no going to be back in town until the 5th, and would rather not get in a agurement or anything of that nature and mess up my time with my family. Sunday the 5th is my payday, and i plan to talk to them then about it. and if i don't have a job i am not to consern with,( i been working there over a year with one raise, and) the requesting "errors" has happen at less 4 other times like this. But I have always been there for them(workplace) and have missed out on seeing my family, and i wasn't going to do it again. So if i am fired over this, do i even have a chance to get unemployment?

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    I wouldn't count on unemployment benefits in this case. Even if the time off was approved beforehand, there is nothing in the law that says approval can't be rescinded. You were scheduled and you didn't show up.
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      If they contest your unemployment application you will lose.
      Bob Bollinger, Attorney
      Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law
      Charlotte, NC