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Utah- Title IX complaint & subsequent discrimination

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  • Utah- Title IX complaint & subsequent discrimination

    I have a sexual harassment issue, something that was confirmed, but under the guise of "It's an HR problem, not Title IX", which I disagreed with because of the sexual connotation involved in Title IX.

    Because the people involved on the receiving end of the Title IX complaint work at the library and were not transferred or dismissed, I could not use the library without feeling uncomfortable and many times unsafe. It did interfere in one class, which I flunked. In the following semester I had no classes in the library building, so I was able to do most of my homework in another building using WiFi.

    This year, different story. And it is affecting all of my classes. I was so eager to return, then when I came back, I found the same people were still here, and that the Title IX was downgraded to an HR issue. I was told, both this semester and the last two semesters, that I am safe to use the library.

    Last week I was escorted out of the college library by campus security, alleging that I was "not supposed to be there". Further inquiry showed that it was retaliation by library faculty because of the previous Title IX complaint.

    So far I have an apology from the vice president, telling me it should never have happened. Which I agree with. But I feel there should be something more.

    I do not feel like I really want to be there. To the point that Iím ready to withdraw because Iím just sick of this ****.

    I have no idea what my options are now. I ask for insight and guidance, please.
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    It isn't terribly clear what happened, but Title IX isn't an employment issue. Every school is required to have a Title IX Coordinator of some kind and it would be unusual at best for that to fall in HR. It is usually under Student Affairs, or possibly Legal. Both Title IX and various employment laws make sexual harassment illegal; Title IX applies to students only. Like the laws governing HR, there is no requirement for a perpetrator to be transferred or dismissed. The legal requirement is that the harassing conduct stop. If it stops, the school has done what they need to do. Some schools will take it further and as part of the corrective action, limit contact between the two parties when possible. It is not always possible.

    It is possible that conduct might not be found to be a violation of Title IX, but rather is an internal policy violation or a job performance issue. In that case, HR might be involved to the extent they would in any other performance or policy issue.

    I'm not sure why you were asked to leave the library, but it appears it was some kind of misunderstanding for which the VP apologized. If you are being retaliated for filing a complaint, contact the Title IX Coordinator.
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