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pro-rated? instead of 1.5

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  • pro-rated? instead of 1.5

    i work for a non profit organization i am not management and i recieve hourly wages . i do direct care in residential settings. there are different hourly rates for each or most of the houses i work for i have not been recieving my overtime at 1.5 but instead at a pro-rated overtime pay ex:house #1 rates at $9.00/hr therefor overtime should be $13.50/hr house #2 rates at $11.00/hr therefor overtime should be $16.50/hr. i am got paid $13.99/hr at house #1 and $15.99/hr at house #2. is it legal for them to do this and how do they come up with such figures?

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    Overtime Rates

    According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, where an employee in a single workweek works at two or more different types of work for which different straight-time rates have been established, the regular rate for that week is the weighted average of such rates. That is, the earnings from all such rates are added together and this total is then divided by the total number of hours worked at all jobs.

    I would suggest having your Payroll Supervisor explain the calculation of your paycheck to be sure it is in compliance with the FLSA.