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    In Texas I work MON-FRI 8 hrs. Every other week I am on-call, after my regular 8 hrs. this on-call is every night after work and the whole weekend 24hrs. for years this was to be stright salary(no over time paid for on call time after regular 8hrs). The on-call time requires driving to location and repairing equipment. Latley Boss has been adding 7 hrs over time to check. Is over time pay required for service beyond 40hr. week? Not so worried about week nights, but weekend service takes me away from a lot of family and personal time.

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    Under the Fair Labor Standards Act you are to be paid for any hours worked over 40, however, on-call employees are to be paid only for hours actually worked in Texas. If you believe you are owed money for overtime that hasn't been paid, you need to file a claim with the Texas Workforce Comission at 1-800-832-9243
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