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8 consecutive days California

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  • 8 consecutive days California

    I hope someone can help with this i work a alt work schedule mon-thur 10hrs everthing outside of that is over time but what happens on the 8th consecutive day or more if i continue to work with out a day off the pay period is mon-sunday my question is this after the 7th day at overtime does that continue until i have day off

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    No. CA daily overtime laws are a function of the workweek. Working 7 days in a row by itself is not necessarily OT unless all 7 days are in the same workweek. Even if all 7 days are in the same workweek, everything restarts for each workweek.
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      DAW is correct that the workweek resets after the 7th day.

      The more important question for you is why are you not being paid OT for the 2 hours per day Mon-Thursday? Did you and your fellow employees vote on having a 4-10 workweek? Is there a collective bargaining agreement for a 4-10 workweek?

      If not, you may be entitled to OT for any hours over 8 per day. California law requires OT for any time over 8 per day OR 40 per week.
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        I don't believe he had to be paid OT for the hrs. over 8 Mon. - Thurs. since he was working an alternative four 10 hr. days workweek and, therefore, exempt from the 8-hr. requirement. I assume it was decided on by the employees or contract - OP is that not correct?
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