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Employer refuse to pay Wyoming

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  • Bowtec
    started a topic Employer refuse to pay Wyoming

    Employer refuse to pay Wyoming

    There was 4 of us working for a company in Wyoming and we had worked over time the following week before payday. When payday came around we were called in the office for a meeting. We were told we wasn't getting our checks and that we were laid off. We all tried calling to see if we can get our checks this has been going on for 2 weeks now. The owner refuses to pay. I am owed 86 hours and the others almost the same. Also i found out my employer has not been paying insurance...we had no insurance for over 2 months..the thing is he has been taking insurance payments out of our checks. Also our bonus checks were givin to us about 4 weeks ago and everyones have clear but mine.I have a bounce check also. I just would like to know were i stand and what is the best course to take. It really was bad since we had no clue and it was just before Christmas.

  • cbg
    You can contact your state DOL.

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