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Bonus pay on termination if in hiring agreement? Wisconsin

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  • Bonus pay on termination if in hiring agreement? Wisconsin

    If your hiring letter for a company states that you receive annual bonus payout equal to billable time minus non-billable time, should you receive that bonus upon termination for the time you worked at that company prior to termination?

    If I did not run the calculation prior to leaving, and hadn't accrued a higher number in the billable category over the non-billable, do I risk owing the company money instead if I ask?

    These numbers are analyzed on an annual basis - so given that as an employee you are responsible to maintain your 'plus' in the billable time and 7 hours/week minimum non-billable "professional development" time as written in the agreement. Employees are allowed to go over the 7 hours/week non-billable which happens frequently per office non-billable assigned duties, as long as over the course of the year, you don't let your non-billable surpass your billable time. I did not check my hours prior to leaving, however feel I am owed my overtime if billable is in the 'plus' because it is in the hiring letter.

    I was given no notice prior to company lay-offs 'effective immediately' and no severance pay, insurance thru end of current month only, etc. after 2.5 years with the company.
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