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Wrongful? Wisconsin

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  • Wrongful? Wisconsin

    I know that WI is an "at will" employment state, but I do have a question about my termination.

    We do have an employee handbook and when there have been any "infractions" employees have been written up. (myself included) Three "infractions" in one year would equal termination.

    There are immediate terminations listed such as looking at porn on the web for example. One employee was caught with porn URL's on his web browser and was written up for the infraction, not terminated.

    I was terminated for having a "bad attitude" and was not given any written warnings or any warnings to that matter that my position was in jeapordy.

    Of course I feel wronged because of the out of the blue termination, but with having an employee handbook with guidelines do I have any recourse here?

    Thank you.

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    Typically discipline policies are not contracts and usually contain provisions that allow the employer to skip steps or modify them as necessary. You also mention being written up for other offenses and it isn't unusual for an employer to make write ups cummulative, regardless of the exact offsense. In other words, if you do 3 different things wrong, that is treated the same as doing the same thing wrong 3 times. It is very rare for an employer to start over from zero for each offense. In essence that sends the message that it is ok to committ each offense a certain number of times before any significant action can be taken.
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