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15 Minute Break Wisconsin

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  • 15 Minute Break Wisconsin

    By law, is an employer required to give 15 min unpaid or paid break in an 8 hour day?

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    Under federal law, any break of less than 20 minutes must be paid, but Wisconsin and 49 other states do not require 15 minute breaks.

    Only Illinois has a provision for breaks that long and that applies only to some hotel room attendants in counties with more than three million people.

    Seven other states have laws requiring ten minute breaks. Again, these don't necessarily apply to all employees (Colorado's applies to employees in only seven industries).
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      Neither Federal nor Wisconsin law requires ANY breaks. Wisconsin law RECOMMENDS but does not require, one 30 minute meal break near the middle of the shift for employees who work 6 hours or more.

      Illinois, and only Illinois, requires a 15 minute break for an extremely limited segment of the employment population. That law applies only to hotel employees, and only to some hotel employees. NO other state requires a 15 minute break for any adult employee of a private employer. There are a few states (six or eight) who require ten minute breaks for every four hours worked. And as Scott said, even in those states the law may not apply to all employees.
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