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    I Was Recently Demoted From An Assitant Department Manager To A Front Line Employee. I Am Now In Fear Of The Company Decreasing My Hourly Wage. Can They Do This And What Can I Do To Keep My Hourly Wage At It's Current Rate. Mjg

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    If you've been demoted, why would you not expect your hourly rate to decrease accordingly? As long as you receive notice of the decrease before you work any hours at the lower rate, it is perfectly legal.
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      If your employer wishes to decrease your hourly rate to a level appropriate to the position you're now in, they may. If they were going to do that though, I'd guess that they'd have told you when they informed you of the demotion. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed that they don't plan to do that.


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        If you're demoted, they can certainly decrease your wages (if they notify you ahead of time/before you work any hrs. at the decr. wage). It's just like if you received a promotion, you would expect an increase in your wages.

        However; since your employer hasn't said anything yet about a reduction in your wages, there's a chance that they won't reduce them.
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