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What are my options? Wisconsin

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  • What are my options? Wisconsin

    I have been with a large company for a little over 2 years. After 1 year I was promoted to a supervisor position followed 3 months later with a move to manager. I have never received a review from my boss though I did request one this spring (when I should have gotten one anyway) to discuss any issues that may have caused me (female) to be paid signifcantly less than my predecessor (male), this meeting was declined. I requested a job description from HR which they could not provide, a few months later I was called in by my boss and HR to discuss the fact that I was not working at a "manager" level - as a first time manager I feel I was not prepared to take on the role with out some guidance, again I asked for a job description so I knew what was expected - not a point by point breakdown just the major hightlights. I was told I would get this in a followed up meeting within 2 weeks. I sent a reminder about this 3 months later when there was a major blow up over some work that I wasn't aware was my full responsibility and didn't complete to "expectations" I was unaware of - I was told I would get some guidance on this which did not happen. Last week I requested a meeting to discuss expectations and training I needed to meet them - past training requests were denied. At this meeting my questions were not answered instead I recieved a write up for job performance over the blown project which I disagree was completely my failure. The write up included an improvement plan calling for bi-weekly meetings over the next 60 days to salvage my position, which I was told was the goal. Monday I was working on a Corp request but needed to leave for a funeral, I indicated I would only leave if I was okay with the progress on the request, I did the bulk then requested one of my employees do a portion and handed off a portion to the manager it actually applied to. The next day I finished the request and sent it to Corp. with no issues. Then today I was called in and told that since I left without finishing the request on Monday and did not give the other manager and my employee enough info to complete it I was being let go. My boss did not actually look at what I did or talk to Corp to make sure I completed the request accurately even though I supposedly missed this deadline.

    Sorry for the book but here is my question, I was not given a chance to defend myself or prove that I did actually do this correctly and timely, in fact there was some oddities about the funeral leave as well. At this time I have 3 months to find a new job if not I will be terminated 12/31, however if they decide I am not performing to their standard I will be termed immediately. I got no further clarification as to what that expectation is so realistically I could be let go tomorrow and have not clue why. Do I have any options in this situation other than obviously finding a new job but how do I continue to work for 2 months knowing I have been fired? FYI the last person in my position had a very similar thing happen.
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    Sorry, but I see nothing illegal being done here. Wi. is an at-will employment state & you can be terminated at any time for any reason not protected by law such as age, gender, religion. . .or unless you had a bona fide employment contract or CBA to the contrary.

    They could fire you currently w/o even giving you a "chance" to work until the end of the year.
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