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PTO during Mandatory Downtime Wisconsin

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  • PTO during Mandatory Downtime Wisconsin

    At work this next year they will be having mandatory downtime in the factory I work at. During this time they expect us to take Paid Time Off (PTO) or go without pay. I heard somewhere that there is a wisconsin law that say that they must pay you unemployment in lieu of making you take PTO.

    I was wondering if anyone knows of this law and what it technically say. Also I was wondering if because they have told us so far in advance if they have found a loop-hole. Also I want to know that if the unemployment thing holds true that it only applies to people who have used all their PTO (a rumor I've heard).

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    Are you exempt or nonexempt?
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      How long is this "downtime"?

      The company doesn't pay UC, the state does. You would file with the state and they would decide if it should be granted.
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