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laws regarding commision workers Wisconsin

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  • laws regarding commision workers Wisconsin

    I work in a very large and busy salon and spa. We are paid hourly plus commision. My questions are these. Manditory meetings on days when we normally would be working, and not paid for them? I just gave up a $600.00 day to sit at work 8 hours and not be paid...doesnt seem right....How about if its your day off and you go in for the meeting? Do they have to legally pay you. And can they require you to attend these I know the alternative is to be fired, but again if you have no history of problems with the employer and they fire you for that in-itself legal?? And if they have to pay you for these meetings is it your hourly rate, or can they have a special rate for meetings...

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    One more thing

    As I said I work in a very successful Spa and the employees there put up with allot of things I think are boarderline there anywhere I can find laws that pretain to people such as ourselves that are paid on a houly plus commision base?...anything that would help our case would be great...People are afraid to lose their jobs if they speak up but if they have the facts and know their rights I think they would feel a bit more confidant..not that it would change anything but knowledge is power they say...thanks for any help you can give us


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      Thanks Joe;
      I probably should say that $600 is what I would have grossed that day I actually gave up $300.00....We make good money which is why they dont want to say anything for fear of retaliation from managment. Thanks for the info...if you know where I can find out laws on employee's that get paid salary plus commision I would apprieciate it...