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Drug testing Wisconsin

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  • Drug testing Wisconsin

    I work for a two officer LE department in WI. I've been working for them for 8 years. Last year we hired a new officer. The community did not like the officer. The town board required the officer to submit to a drug test one day. They also gave him a performance review. Now, since I've been here, I've never recieved a performance review and I've never had to submit to a drug test. When I questioned the town clerk about the drug test, I was told it was a random state test. Is this true? Or were they discriminating against him for arrests in the community.

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    Q: Is this true?

    A: Sounds true to me. Did you flunk the test? What is your gripe exactly? Give us facts and details.
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      Drug testing

      The officer passed the drug test. But my question is, is their a random "state" drug test that a township can belong to? Or were they harrassing this officer?


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        Not knowing what your municipal regulations call for, it is impossible to say. I'd be highly surprised if drug tests aong law enforcement were not allowed.

        Further, arrest records are not protected by law. If the powers that be want to hold it against him that he is making too many arrests, it may be stupid but it is legal.
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