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getting hired on to main company vacation? Wisconsin

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  • getting hired on to main company vacation? Wisconsin

    I work for a company that was contracted to work for a bigger company. The bigger company is hiring me and my supervisor on, in April. I have 2weeks of fixed vacation unused at the company we are leaving. I asked my boss if I could get a pay out and he said no. I know that he payed out my supervisor 2 weeks vacation a year ago for my supervisor to buy a house. Theres no way I can take my vacation time as this is the busiest time of year. Would this be considered discrimination, that he payed out my supervisor and is not paying me out?

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    It not a matter of discrimination. The law in Wisconsin is that terminated employees must be paid their accrued, untaken vacation at termination in accordance with company policy or practice, or individual employment contract or union contract. I take it you are terminating your employment with the staffing company and becoming an employee of the (client) company?

    What IS the company policy or practice regarding payout of vacation at termination?
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      not sure

      Not sure what the policy is, but if he payed out my supervisor for a personal favor, then it's bull that he won't pay us out now, we had no say in the matter that the main company is getting rid of their contract with the sub company that we work for now. You know what I mean.


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        Originally posted by gmentel View Post
        You know what I mean.
        No, I don't know what you mean.

        There is nothing wrong with a company giving preferential treatment to one employee and not others, particularly when the employee is a supervisor and the others are not. It would be different if the treatment, for good or bad, was based upon some characteristic protected by law.
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          I'll talk with our boss at the main company

          He's the one who would pay the sub company the money for our vacation anyway. Maybe he'll just pay us out outside of the contract so the sub company doesn't benefit off it.


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            I know that he payed out my supervisor 2 weeks vacation a year ago for my supervisor to buy a house. That has nothing to do with whether your employer is now obligated to pay out unused vacation upon termination of employment. All that the State of Wisconsin requires is that an employer follow their own policy regarding vacation upon separation. Since we have no idea what your employer's policy or past practices are, there's no way to tell you whether they have to pay you for the vacation time.