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They claim FMLA after terminating me? Washington

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  • KKB1990
    started a topic They claim FMLA after terminating me? Washington

    They claim FMLA after terminating me? Washington

    I fractured my wrist via an outside of work injury over memorial day. I had given verbal notice a couple of weeks before and was only staying on so they could train someone to cover my shift (which would have been at the very least 4-6 weeks down the road). My supervisor told me "we cannot let you work with a cast, and you were about to quit anyway, right?" I pretty much assumed this was termination. I filed for unemployment and my employer contacted me saying that they were calling it an unpaid medical leave of absence (FMLA) and that there were advised by a company that advises them in their unemployment issues. They made sure to mention "that is unless you are quitting" because at that point I had not contacted them in about 2 weeks.... My boyfriend urged me to challenge it but I would rather not burn bridges.... I have had no pay coming in as a result for the past 4 weeks.... What is there that I can do.... Also I can't find work anywhere else because of the injury....

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