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Under the table and under minimum wage Washington

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  • Under the table and under minimum wage Washington

    So I started a part time summer job selling hotdogs in front of a grocery store a few weeks ago. The job is definately below me, but times are tough and they pay daily. I am paid $40 dollars for a 7 hour day. That's less than $6/hr. The boss thinks that because it's under the table, and therefore untaxed, that it is a reasonable wage. I agreed to the scam because I am extremely broke, am having trouble finding a decent job (even though I have a good resume for being only 20y/o, great references, an associates degree from Bellevue College with a 3.6 GPA, a great work ethic, and plenty of other desirable qualities), and was told that I would make 50 cents a dog after selling an initial 80. Too bad on my busiest day so far I only sold 60, so $40 a day is going to be it and the hotdog commission talk was bull. I do admit the job is extremely easy, but the owners act like its a five star restaraunt even though its a little cart in front of the ghetto'est grocery store in the ghetto. For example I am constantly being told to improve by cleaning constantly because they are obnoxiously concerned about the health department, greeting every person on there way in and out, doing their inventory shopping, documenting inventory at opening and closing, completing all of thier paperwork, and just about everything involved with owning a hotdog cart. For $6 an hour! I don't mind doing most of these things, but the fact that they are constantly adding responsibilities that should really be held by the owners. The worst is that they originally promised me 3 days a week and even said I would eventually get more days, then with no warning decided reduce me to only 2 days a week. One of the owners came in yesterday while I was working and spent a couple hours telling me what to do, without doing anything to help, and because his time is so valuable, he felt that I should only get paid $20 for my 7 hours of work. And finally to put the icing on the cake they have ordered me to stay open an extra hour with, you guessed it, no extra pay. Anyway, now that I've gotten all of that complaining off my chest I will get to the point. I got a new job yesterday and will be quitting very soon. Because this couples treatment of their employees is not only illegal (I'd hope) but completely unethical, I am going to do everything I possibly can to bring them down. I honestly am not a spitefull person, but it is not okay at all to treat employees like this and I would hate for my replacement to go through the same injustice. I need some advice on how to go about reporting them to the correct authorities so they can get whats coming to them. It also wouldn't hurt to get some kind of compensation for putting up with them. Is it illegal to pay under the table? Is it illegal to pay employees less than minimum wage even if it's under the table? If anybody has any suggestions or answers they would be greatly appreciated and implemented to return some bad karma to some truly deserving employers. Thanks for taking the time to read my frustratons and I look forward to reading your feedback, but not as much as I look forward to getting away from these scam artists and seeing them squirm for their complete disregard for the working man!
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