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Not allowed to leave camp 24-7 Washington West Virginia

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  • Not allowed to leave camp 24-7 Washington West Virginia

    My daughter is 17 and works as a life guard at a camp (in olympia) She is an hourly employee including room and board. Basically she is there 24-7 for the summer. Her shifts are usually around 4 hours, she never get in 40 hours per week. Today after her shift she went to sign out and tell the director that she was going to a book store to get a book to read in the evenings as she has finished the ones she took with her. He told her she could not go. He told here that she could not leave the camp at any time unless it was her day off. She doesn't have any days off this week - I think she is working 9 straight days. My question is "Is it legal for them to not allow the staff to leave the camp during the hours they are not working?" Thanks,
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