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Denied Unemployment - 2 jobs? Washington

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  • Denied Unemployment - 2 jobs? Washington

    I had been working two jobs, one full-time 40 hrs, and one casual, part-time (no set hours, on call only) for a couple of years. In early March I decided to quit my part-time job to enable me to use my "off hours" for on-line training required as part of a program I was selected to participate in for my main job. Just one week after quitting the part-time job, my main employer re-organized and my positon was "eliminated". I filed for unemployment but have been denied since I have a "voluntary quit" from the part time position. Has anyone been in this situation before? I could not jeapodize the MAIN JOB by not completing the required training (it paid twice what the salery was for the par-time work)???? I need advice please!!!

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    My advice? Appeal. Especially since, from the way I read your post, the last termination was outside of your control.
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