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shorted commision check Washington

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  • shorted commision check Washington

    ok so here is the deal. I will try to keep it simple and short. Job is with a collections company. Pay is an hourly rate + percentage (commisions) on money talked in. Everything is work, work, work, to hit goals to get different levels of commisions on the money you talk in. Everything ends at the end of the month (closeout). Two large payments that were arranged to be by the end of september, made it into the office and got processed fine. But didn't post to individual stats. The company recognizes the error but. The company claims that they can't FIX it because the month is over , booking is done and clients have already been payed based on how it all got entered. Long story short this amounts to about 500 dollars in my commission check. This is not the first time this has happened. But is the first time with this large of money.

    I do not understand how what they are saying is possible. I have worked at other jobs and had time missing from pay. They can always fix it. How can there not be a action to correct a commisioned amount of money.

    sorry for the spelling errors I am frustrated and tired.

    Thank you.