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Not getting paid after giving 2 weeks notice? Washington

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  • Not getting paid after giving 2 weeks notice? Washington

    I plan on giving a 2 week notice to my company on december 15, with my final day of employment to be Dec 29. I expect that after I give notice, my company will immediately "let me go" as I am going to a competitor. Does the company have to legally pay me through Dec 29? If not, what would be the point of even giving notice and just quitting on the spot?

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    The employer is free to accept your resignation immediately and does not have to pay your for the duration of your notice. It's the risk that everyone runs when they resign from a job.

    The advantage of giving two weeks' notice over quitting and walking out is 1) giving notice gives the employer the option of paying you for the two weeks voluntarily (many employers will) and 2) not having the employer say, during reference checks, "Him? He just up and walked out one day and totally left us in the lurch."
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      not getting paid after giving notice

      I gave my notice yesterday, meet with my boss this morning and since I had decided to move on after 3 and 1/2 years, I gave her up to 3 weeks, however she chose not to take them so this day was my last day. I still feel I did the right thing and tried to do what I was taught. In her position I would have wanted someone to give me notice as well. Accepting it or not was her deciision. I did my part.