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Prev employer now refusing to pay Washington

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  • Prev employer now refusing to pay Washington

    I left my previous position with intention of working the entire two weeks notice, but the work environment became so hostile due to my givning notice, (not that it wasn't to begin with). Prior to leaving I asked if I would be paid my vactaion time. I was told yes, that it was mine reagrdless. I then clarified after leaving if I would be paid, I was told yes on the follwing pay period. I am now being told that I must work my two weeks notice for it to be paid, I have reviewed my employee handbook and it refers nowhere to the clause. they are now refusing to pay, I am would have taken the vaction while working there but was refused. They already canceled my bonus for the previous month that I worked there for the wh0le month, but all I want is what I earned. Whom should I contact about this?