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Looking for input - Salary emp not working full time Virginia

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  • Looking for input - Salary emp not working full time Virginia

    I have an issue and was looking for input on the resolution. I have a salaried exempt employee that routinely works 15 20 minutes short every day. In their quarterly review it was brought to their attention that a full 40 hours a week is expected. Their retort was I take no brakes during the day and work thru lunch so the early out is just making up for not taking these. Their time reported is 8 hours a day however this is not worked. We do not provide brakes, and if lunch is taken out of the office (fine by policy), is not recorded as worked. They are paid full salary per pay cycle as per requirement. I feel Im being short changed.

    Im with in my rights to require them to record PTO for the 2 2.5 hours short per pay cycle? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Even as salaried exempt, you have to work whatever hours/time your employer requires you to. You just have to be paid your full normal fixed weekly salary.

    You're the employer, I would tell him he has to work the 10-15 min. short he is working every day. If he doesn't, he can be disciplined (ie write up, even eventual termination).
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      Agree with Betty3. You can't let the tail wag the dog here. You are perfectly within your legal right to charge such tardies to PTO without the employee's authorization.
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