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utah overtime/benefits laws

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  • utah overtime/benefits laws

    I am 19 and work in a retail clothing store part-time. I've worked there eight months. Last week I worked 43 hours and this week I'm scheduled to work 50 hours. My manager has said nothing about over-time pay but my Mom says I should be getting it.
    I've been getting closer to working full time hours the past few months, does my status change to full time if I'm working 40 or more hours a week most of the time and then do I get benefits?
    Recently, when I didn't "sell credit" during my shift my manager told me as punishment I would have to clean the bathroom off the clock. Can she do that?
    I also make just above minimum wage and when I asked for a raise they told me they can only give raises certain times of the year and that I'll have to wait at least until October. I found out from another employee, by accident, that most of the other girls make $1-$2 more an hour than I do.I was recently
    recognized by the visiting regional store director as an outstanding employee. (only me)I got a purse and a $5 gift card.

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    Yes, I believe that you should be receiving overtime.

    As far as the others receiving a bonus and you didn't, it isn't illegal unless the reason for the difference are for things such as illegal discrimination, based on age, race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, etc. Your employer doesn't have to give you a raise or provide the same level of pay as the others, unless the reason for denial is for the illegal reasons, mentioned above.

    Your employer can require you to clean the restroom but they cannot force you to do so "off the clock".

    Your employer does not have to provide benefits to full-time employees.
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      Thanks for your reply. I don't think anyone has gotten a bonus, I think they just started at a higher wage than I did. Usually a cleaning crew cleans the bathroom, as far as I know I am the only employee who has ever had to clean the bathroom for any reason. I'm usually the top employee in selling credit-that's why I was recognized by the reg. director-but I'm also the only one who has been punished for not selling credit during one shift. Should I report this to someone above my manager? The (national chain) store I work for does give benefits to full-time employees, I'm just wondering what qualifies me as one.


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        Full-Time Employees

        You may want to check with a higher level of management, re: having to clean the restrooms. Ask for confidentiality.

        As far as benefits are concerned, you will need to ask the benefits department of the company.
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