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HOw much is too much? Utah

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  • HOw much is too much? Utah

    I work for a software developement company that provides not only the implementation of the software but also 24/7 support for that software. I work as a salary employee and under the guidelines am exempt from overtime. Every 16 weeks we are required to take "off hours" support meaning we are on call from 5pm to 8am weekdays and available 24 hrs per day on the weekend. This is above and beyond the regular 40 hour work week. We are not compensated at all for any of this ON Call. Also, I am the manager of the Support Team and when the "on call" person cannot take care of the situation, I am usually the next person called. Since the beginning of the year I have put in over 300 hours overtime and have not been compensated for it. I know I am exemp....but is there a limit on the number of hours an employer can require you to work over the 40 hours when you are not compensated for it?

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    An exempt employee in your industry has no limitations on the hours that you work and no obligation to be compensated for them.

    Sorry man, but no legal help available.