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deducting time Utah

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  • deducting time Utah

    Is it legal for a company to dock time from an employee if they forget to clock in or out at any time?

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    Like most things involving labor law, the answer is "that depends", but probably not. Of course you included almost no information with your question, which means that you will not get a very accurate answer.

    There is a federal law called FLSA, and under that law all employees are legally either Exempt employees who have no legal right to paid overtime or Non-Exempt employees who must be paid overtime and who are generally paid based on actual hours worked. If the employer fails to pay Non-Exempt employees based on actual hours worked, the employer is generally breaking the law. If the employer docks an Exempt Salaried for partial days worked, the employer is generally breaking the law. Of course absent more complete information from you on the specifics, there is a fair amount of guess work in this answer.

    I can say that the legal requirement (if any) to collect time accounting information is on the employer and not the employee. While there are things an employer can legally do to employees who violate work rules (including maintaining time accounting), not paying them due wages is generally not a legal option.
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      And, as is often mentioned here, don't forget to clock in/out and this will never be an issue.
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