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Unpaid wages if company goes bankrupt

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  • Unpaid wages if company goes bankrupt


    I quit a job with a startup about 5 weeks ago, with them still owing me about$8,000 worth of pay from the summer (they also owe about 30 other people wages from then as well). I have not yet filed a wage claim with the Utah Labor Commission, but am considering doing so very soon - the CEO had about begged me not to previously, saying he was working hard to get money in to pay all the back pay. However, the CEO now tells me that there's a good chance they're going to declare chapter 7 bankruptcy very soon. If that does happen, does anyone know if am I better off if I file a wage claim before then or worse off or neither? Any advice in general for this situation?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You're ALWAYS better off if you file. At least that way, the judgment gets put on the record and the company has to show it as a debt. I would have filed long ago.
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