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Commission based wage reduction Utah

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  • Commission based wage reduction Utah

    I am a Journeyman Plumber in Utah and had a question on how or weather or not my company can take wages out of my paycheck in certain situations.

    1. We are required to wear a fulll uniform ihncluding shirt, pants, and shoes, for our company. We are required to go out and buy our own shoes, and they provide the shirt and pants from some uniform company that provides the uniforms, and also washes the dirty ones. We get charged for the uniforms weekly wether we need the uniforms washed or not. Is it legal for my company to take that money out of my paycheck for the uniforms?

    2. Similar to the uniforms, we are provided a cell phone from work, for work. We get charged weekly for those cell phones too, even though we use them almost exclusively for work. (In my case I also call my wife at the end of the day to let her know I am coming home)

    3. This one is my biggest beef. I am on a commission based pay. I go to a customers home, diagnose the problem, & tell them how much it will cost to have us fix the problem. If they then agree to have the work done, I have them sign the invoice in two places to signify that I have told them everything that they need to have done, that I have told them the price, and that they agree to have the work done at that price. Then, when I am finished with the job, I have them sign the invoice again signifying that I have completed the work to their satisfaction. I then collect the money before I leave, in Cash, Check, billing, or card form, and leave. Sometimes a customer will have what I think of as buyers remorse afterward and call my company/bosses up to see if they can get any of their money back. Ie: They couldn't fix the problem themselves but I fixed it in 30 minutes and they wonder why I charged for the full first hour service call. Anyway, on occasion, my boss will come to a settlement with the customer, and give them some, or much of their money back because he doesn't like angry customers. If he does that though, or if we can't colect money from a given customer, it comes out of my paycheck. For example: If I charged $100.00 and I got 15% commission on it, I would get $15 dollars. If later the customer called and they worked out a deal so that the bill was only $50, then I would only get $7.50 instead of the commission that I was originally entitled too. I know this was long, and thanks for reading it, but here lies my question: If I have done my job, not been neglegent, the work is of good quality, I have gotten all the signatures that I needed to, Is it then legal for my work to dock my pay because a customer won't pay up? or is it on the company's back?