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Timecard verification? Utah

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  • Timecard verification? Utah


    At my job when you clock in or clock out the machine makes the same beep, not letting you know if you just clocked in or out; so if you forget to clock in without realizing it, you don't know when you clock out either.

    If you forget to clock in or out, the computer just counts it as 0 hours that day, so you don't get paid at all.

    We can't see what hours we've worked on which days; the paycheck just says x hours * y payrate = here's your check.

    I want to be able to see how many hours I've worked on which day to make sure I'm getting paid for every day I work, but they won't let us?

    Is this legal? I hope it's not, because I'm pretty sure I'm not getting paid for some days I worked on the last check.

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    Duplicate post.

    Please post each question only once. All the responders read all the employment law forums. You will not get more or better answers by posting multiple times; you will only confuse the responders.

    Thank you for understanding.
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