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Texas equipment requirements?

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  • Texas equipment requirements?

    [SIZE=4][SIZE=3]I overheard a fellow employee asking the owner of the machine shop to purchase him gloves because OSHA requires them to. Is this true?

    In our work, we rarely need gloves and in some cases they would be dangerous to use. Even if the gloves were required, is there a law that specifies the company has to purchase them?

    I had always assumed the company could make employees provide necessary equipment out of their own this correct?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Uniform v. safety equipment

    There is a distinction between uniforms or other equipment required by employers, and safety equipment mandated by regulations other than labor codes. OSHA or state agencies may require safety equipment (including protective clothing, glasses, etc.) and employers may be required to provide these things.

    That is different from clothing or equipment required on the job--like a mechanic's tools. In Texas, there is no legal obligation for an employer to pay for these items, or to provide them, or to clean them. If an employer provides them, there is no regulation that requires any specific number of "back up" items.

    Safety equipment is very situation specific.