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Uniform Reimbursement? Texas

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  • Uniform Reimbursement? Texas

    I work as a nurse in a hospital, so obviously I have to wear scrubs. However, recently our hospital has adopted a policy that each department must wear two specific colors with one specific print; no other types of scrubs or uniforms are allowed. We have to phase out the scrubs we are wearing now and purchase, at our cost, the new prescribed scrubs. I am wondering if the hospital is required to pay for these uniforms since they make us wear specific ones, and if they are, I need direction to a place where I can find this law documented. Thanks so much.

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    It's not documented

    I'm not sure to what law you refer, but there is no law that requires employers to furnish, or to pay for, required uniforms. They can, and many do, but they do so voluntarily.

    It's generally not worth the effort, but the cost of clothing required for work, if it is not usable for other purposes, may be deductible from income for federal income tax computation, to the extent that the cost exceeds a floor (currently 2% of gross income), AND if you itemize deductions.