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Texas Travel Reimbursement

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  • Texas Travel Reimbursement

    I am trying to find out if an employee can be legally required to repay airfare. A friend of mine was told they had to attend a meeting out of state. The employer purchased a ticket for them. About 1 week prior to attending, the friend told their boss they couldn't go due to a pretty lame excuse.

    Her boss was upset and told her that she really needed to attend the meeting, but if she was not able to then she would have to repay the price of the ticket if it wasn't refundable; since she had been given plenty of notice.

    The ticket turned out to not be refundable, and they are requiring her to pay. Is there a law anyway that governs this? Does she have to pay?

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    Generally speaking, no. That is a cost of doing business, and the employer who buys a nonrefundable ticket assumes this risk.

    Are they asking her to pay it back directly, or trying to deduct it from her paycheck? They cannot deduct it from her pay without her written authorization.

    However, her "lame excuse" that is costing the company money does not bode well for her future employment there.
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