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senoir in high school in need of help Texas

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  • senoir in high school in need of help Texas

    hello, i am a senoir in high school who is 18 trying to transfer schools. the school i plan on transferring to is a school i have previously attended for 3 years but recently due to family issues had to register in a different one. can i transfer back to my old school in the same year i transferred to my current school? do i need to give them all my information if they already have it all and can i even transfer myself without a guardian in the process. thank you very much.

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    That depends on the rules of the school district. Have you moved back to the area covered by the old school? If not, you may not be able to return.


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      im currently not but i will be soon. i will have my own place and bills to prove my residence within a month after moving in.


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        Call your new district's office and ask what the policies are and what info they need, or you may also be able to find info on the district's website. It's going to be a function of state law/district policy.


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          i went on the website and found what paperwork i needed but what i really wanted to know is if they will need it becuase i was already there 3 years but ill just call the district office regarding that information. And its going to be very hard for me to get a hold of the documents i need because i dont know how or were to acsess them. are schools allowed to copy and print the documents they have and give them to me?


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            who do you recomend in the school system i talk to regarding if the school is allowed to copy documents for me. would i go to a counselor or the main office or what? thankyou for helping me.


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              I worked in education including for a school system (not in your state). I can virtually guarantee no school system is going to copy their records on file and give them to you. I presume you are not asking about transcripts but rather documents which were likely provided when you enrolled such as immunization records and a birth certificate. If you do mean transcripts, try the guidance department at the last school you attended. If you mean the other stuff, you will need to ask the system if what was submitted before is still on file and if it is still valid. If you left, those records may have been destroyed.

              If you go to the website for your district, I am virtually certain there is a page which explains enrollment and the process for out of district enrollments. It varies from district to district, though often, if you are already living in the district, you would register through the local school you would be attending.
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