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Does Texas Laws support for Fraternization?

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  • Does Texas Laws support for Fraternization?

    My wife works for the state of Texas, there is another employee also works for the state of Texas in different department. Unfortunately they work in the same building. Recently I found out that she has an affair with him. They keep chatting, texting, calling by their cell phones as well as work phones. They sneak out to meet each other secretly on the elevator, break rooms, even in his or her own office when other co-workers left. She or He text each other to invite to come whenever it is available (other co-workers left the office). There are two different issues here:

    1. Immoral conduct at the Government office. They both married and conduct the affair behind their spouses’ backs.
    2. They conduct this immoral acts while they got paid, using the Government’s equipment for their immoral personal pleasure gain.

    As a husband, I am going to divorce her and don’t know about other man’s spouse and really don’t care about that. However, such a thing happens on the ground of Government that really irritates. I intend to come to their place of work and nicely report to his bosses and it is up to them to decide.

    Please give me your opinions. Thank you so much for your time.
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    While I'm sympathetic to what you're going through and I understand that you're angry, going to the office of the man with whom your wife had an affair would be considered trespassing and could get you arrested.
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      I wouldn't report anything to the bosses - keep out of what is going on at
      work in that sense.
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        Look at it this way. If you get her fired, and she can't find work, do you think a judge might award her alimony if you get divorced? Something to think about.... Take the high road.
        I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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          Not in Texas

          Originally posted by Alice Dodd View Post
          do you think a judge might award her alimony if you get divorced? Take the high road.
          Alice, while I completely concur with the advice to take the high road, a judge can award alimony in Texas only if both parties agree to it--usually for tax purposes. No alimony in 99% of Texas cases. Some of our divorce proceedings get lively, and the follow ups get ugly, too.