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Do i qualify for unemployment Texas

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  • Do i qualify for unemployment Texas

    I was fired today from my job for failure to follow call in procedures. Ok my wife was just in the hospital because she had a c-section i previously put in a leave request and the lady in hr denied my request i put the request in a month in advance and had someone to work for my shift and they still denied it. So i had to go to work just 2 days after my wife had her c-section and she had to stay home with my 7 yr old and my 3yr old and the newborn baby. My wife was directed by the doctor to take it easy and she was unable to so because i had to work and because of me having to be at work on the days i requested off she tore her incision open. So i called in on one day because it was painful for her and i could help with our kids so she could rest. The company wrote me up for calling in and then to add this my newborn son had to go to the er because he had fever and diarrhea so i told my boss that i was gonna be late and they suspended me for the week and then they fired me today. So with this being said do i qualify for unemployment.

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    You need to apply if you have not already done so. The state will make the
    decision whether you qualify for benefits or not. There is no way we can know
    what their decision will be. Each case is looked at on an individual basis.

    Good luck.
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      Very much not my area of expertise, but would FMLA come into play? Not with the UI, but with the termination?
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        Did you follow the call in procedures correctly? Can you prove you did so?


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          i previously put in a leave request and the lady in hr denied my request

          We need to know if the company was subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and if so, whether you were entitled to leave. If you don't know, please answer these questions:

          1) How many employees does your employer have at the location at which you work and within a 75-mile radius of where you work?

          2) How long have you worked there?

          3) Are you a full-time employee?

          4) Did you take any leave time in the 12 months prior to your wife's C-section? If so, how much and for what reason?


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            Agreed with all of the above. I'm curious if FMLA comes into play or not.