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Slumlord wont pay contracted labor

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  • Slumlord wont pay contracted labor

    We were asked to do contract labor for our landlord during a 2 month lease. Pay was $12 per hour for certain hours, and a contracted price for specific other jobs as needed. I did the majority of my communication with her by email-sending daily summaries, per her request. She replied to each of them. The full balance for ALL our work was $822- she approved by email. We agreed to apply $550 to July rent, leaving a balance of $272. She ended the work relationship when we refused to take her son to the gun range on Sunday. The land lord now refuses to pay her balance to us. She began claiming we did not complete the hours she previously agreed on. She threatened, by email, to remove our window A/C unit, and have our locks changed if we did not move out immediately. We have not been able to leave our home during the day for fear of her doing something with our stuff while we are gone. We barely keep our heads above water financially, and are looking for a new home. What should we do?

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    As an independent contractor, your only option is a civil suit. Small claims court would be cheapest. Since you were not an employee, wage and hour laws don't apply.
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