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rounding vs exact time Texas

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  • rounding vs exact time Texas

    So i work for a large computer company. and recently we changed some rules about our time clocking. what they did was say basicaly if you take a longer then 30 min lunch then you will be docked that time. example. 33 min lunch you are docked extra 3 min. but for begining and end shift we use a rounding system "7 min rule" rounds up and rounds down. now if you take a short lunch ie 27 min your automaticaly charged 30 min regardless. so example clocking in at 7:00 am and out at 3:36 and taking a 33 min lunch you only worked 7:57 hours. but if you clocked in at 7:00 and out at 3:36 and took a 25-30 min lunch your only paid for 8 hours worked. so i see this being wrong as it doesnt work for both the employees and aginst them. My supervisor said it does due to you can come in late and leave early and time would make up for it. what should i do or who should i talk to?

    and example for the super was coming in at 7:05 and leaving at 3:25 taking exactly 30 min is still counting as 8 hours worked. seems like everything was equil till lunch changes.
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    on a side note if your short time they will call it unexcused time off and can be cause for disapline. they havnt done this yet but im sure if i keep pushing they will.